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Due to the high volume of posts to the Dog-Rescue list, we have implemented 'Topics' on the list. This allows people to narrow their interests if the volume of mail is too much for them to handle. This processes is described in the List Commands page, and is NOT available to those on the digest version of the list.

Use of the "topics" keywords is mandatory in all messages. This means that one of the valid keywords listed MUST appear as the first word of the "Subject" line in a message header, excluding the automatic "Re:" inserted by some mail software. A sample subject line, using the keyword "TRANS" might look like:

Subject: TRANS: normal_subject_text_here.

Currently available list keywords

ADMIN List administrative bulletins from the List Owners. NOTHING else. This is the only topic you MUST remain subscribed to.
AVAIL For any announcement or list of dogs available. This includes dogs in your local shelters or in your rescue group. Or dogs available thru their owners. Rescue people that know of prospective homes may also list those people here.
CHAT General list chatter.
CLASS For on going "classes" covering subjects important in Dog Rescue work. We will have a schedule posted here frequently, with a list of the upcoming subjects. Each class will last for one week. Monday thru Friday...Weekends are in recess. Only one subject will be discussed each week and there will be a facilitator to run the class. Please join in on this.
INTRO For the introductions from new members of the list.
ISO Short for 'In Search Of', is for people looking to find things. Supplies, other breed rescue groups, individuals etc. If you are searching, use this.
LEGAL For any questions regarding legal problems involving doing rescue work.
MISC For anything that doesn't fit elsewhere.
TRANS For all transportation issues. Asking for a CUR run or other transportation help. Offering to take a dog on a plane flight. Anything to do with transporting a rescue dog.
USENET This will have all the dogs listed from the usenet site: rec.pets.dogs.* Only one appointed person will be posting to this TOPIC so there will be no duplicate postings. This is a READ ONLY TOPIC.
WANT Wanted dogs (ie homes available). It is the companion to AVAIL. WANT is for people that have homes available, and are wanting dogs.

Send your questions to Pam Bishop, Pauline Gabriel and Bonnie Anthony, listowners at

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