Dog Rescue Forms: Set Two

Owner Intake Agreement
The information on this form helps you know where the dog came from and gives you some basic knowledge of its background. This one is for an owner to fill out. If the dog is from a shelter, use the Shelter Intake form.
Shelter Intake Form
Basic background information on a dog received from a shelter.
Owner's Release Agreement
This is important so that the owner that is releasing the dog cannot come back to you and want the dog back. The lower part was written by an attorney for a rescue group, however, you may wish to have an attorney in your area check it to be sure it conforms with your local laws.
Adoption Agreement
This was also written by an attorney for a rescue group and released for use by other rescues. There is a lot of "legalese" but it can make a difference and protects everyone from a possible lawsuit.
Release and Surrender for Adoption
The same applies to this as to the Adoption Agreement, however, this document is the release for the dog from the previous owner.
Prospective Home Application
This is to be filled out by anyone interested in getting a dog though rescue. Ask as many questions as possible. The more information you have the better chance of finding the right dog for them. We don't want to just place dogs, we want to place dogs in the right home for that dog and we want it to be a permanent home. It takes a little extra work but is well worth it.
Listing to Place
You can use this form for people who wish to place their dog through rescue but wish to keep the dog with them and be a part of the placement choice. Hopefully, these dogs are already altered; however it is important to see that they are altered before going to the new home.
Information from Previous Owner
This can be an additional form for extra background information on any dog coming though rescue. Some of these forms will overlap each other and are provided for you to choose the ones you need.
Report and Log
Information that should be kept on the dogs.

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