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This List is hosted by Lsoft on the Internet. By remaining subscribed to this List, you are agreeing to be bound by the rules listed herein. If you cannot agree to these restrictions, then unsubscribe now.

By continuing to read messages sent by DOG-RESCUE@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM, you agree to hold the List Owners and LSOFT harmless for opinions expressed on this mailing List by members of the List. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the List Owners.

PLEASE NOTE: Subscribers are hereby informed that the presence of any particular individual, rescue organization, or other entity on this List is NOT to be construed as a recommendation or endorsement by the List Owners or individual members of this List. You are encouraged to verify independently any claimed membership in or allegiance to specific rescue organizations with anyone you deal with on this list. Falsely representing yourself in this manner is grounds for immediate removal from this list.

Falsely representing yourself in this manner is grounds for immediate removal from this list. We do spot check claims made on the list from time to time.

This mailing List is not moderated, meaning that it is possible for unsuitable material to be posted; the List Owners will take steps to prevent further occurrences with the individual involved afterwards.

It is impossible to list all circumstances under which behavior on the List becomes problematic. Simply because something is not specifically forbidden below is not necessarily license to do that something with abandon on the List. Use your diplomacy and common sense, or consult with the List Owners first. If you are asked to desist from something by the List Owners, you will cooperate.

Finally, you must remember that the List is the private property of the List Owners. It is not a democracy; all List policy is determined by the List Owners. The List Owners reserves final right to determine who may remain subscribed to the List, what topics are suitable for discussion, or when they must stop.


Your List Administrators want to keep the guidelines for DOG-RESCUE short and sweet. However, we do have several restrictions. Failure to go by these rules will result in immediate removal from the List. Such a disregard for these rules may put others at legal risk from your actions. Typically you will get one warning, however, if the action on your part is considered serious enough by the listowners, you may be removed after the first offense. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT, EMAIL THE LIST OWNERS FIRST.
  • You may not discuss a specific puppy mill, shelter, person, or breeding operation identifiably or by name on this list. It is, however, entirely appropriate to discuss how rescued dogs from ANY situation can be placed.

  • Otherwise, any discussion directly related to rescue as defined previously is fair game. You are expected to be tactful and diplomatic with others on this mailing list. Disagreements are to be expected; blatant rudeness and lack of respect are NOT, nor will they be tolerated. Anyone who flames on the List or threatens another List member will be removed from the List.

  • Because some List members pay for their access either on a per message basis or by volume, keep your messages short and concise and keep quoting of old material to the minimum necessary. Keep your "signature file" to four lines or less, following standard Internet convention.

  • Mailing lists have a wide variety of participants, all using various forms of software to read the incoming mail. Because of this variety, there is no guarantee that another person on the list can read the "special" things your mailer adds to the mail.

  • Items that are NOT to be sent over the mailing list include: ATTACHMENTS, PICTURES, BINARY ENCODINGS, html FILES. If you have such an item you wish to distribute, announce on the list you'll mail it to whomever asks for it.

  • Do not send "virus warnings" or "chain letters" to the list. If you receive a virus warning send it to the listowners. We will verify if it is a hoax (most are) or real. This is considered off topic and NOT acceptable on this list.

  • Don't play list cop and post messages telling people what they should or should not do on the list (signature files, quoting lengths, subject matter, etc). That's the purview of the List Owners. If you have a problem, bring it up privately with the List Owners.

  • Any listmember found to be flaming or harrassing any other listmember privately on a subject started on the list, will be removed from the list. Dog-Rescue by it's very nature requires co-operation among different groups and individuals. Derogatory remarks towards other rescue groups are not acceptable. However, if someone is in your opinion is passing themsleves off as rescue and is not, in your opinion operating in a creditable fashion please contact the list owners. We will decide if it is appropriate for the list. Failure to do this will constitute immediately removal from the list.

  • Any posts containing information about dogs in need of rescue or homes looking for dogs should have at least THE STATE AND CITY in the subject line -- this helps subscribers sort out where the dogs are. Other information such as the breed of the dog is also helpful. The less pertinent information you include, the less likely people will respond -or- the more time is wasted in followup questions to elicit this information.

  • Please try to keep your subject headers appropriate to the topic discussed in your mail and change the subject headers if your reply drifts from the original topic. Always use the Topic keywords as described above.

  • When forwarding messages from outside the list, always make sure 1) you forward with the permission of the person (no forwarding from usenet posts from rec.pets.dogs.*. That will be done by one appointed person.) 2) you retain the full name and email address for the person. If you forward anything anonymously, clear it with the List Owners first.

  • If you falsely list affiliations with particular rescue groups or organizations or with shelters, you will be immediately suspended and then removed from this list upon verification of the misrepresentation. It will not matter if the misrepresentation was made intentionally or mistakenly.

  • Advertising by commercial entities on this List is absolutely prohibited (as part of our contract with LSoft). This is to be distinguished from satisfied customers recommending one product or another so long as they disclaim any relationship to the company other than as a customer. *Rescue groups may list dogs available for adoption without violating this rule.

  • Rescue groups that are incorporated under U.S. Federal 501(c)(3) regulations for tax-exempt donations (or the equivalent in other countries) may announce fundraising efforts provided the request is first cleared with the List Owners. Enough identifying information must be furnished for people to check up on your organization.

  • There are no restrictions placed on listing URL's in the signature of a post, provided that the signature remains four lines or less and is not otherwise commercially oriented.

Send your questions to Pam Bishop, Pauline Gabriel and Bonnie Anthony, listowners at

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