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The Dream

I asked the man in the long white robe
"have you seen where my dog has gone?"
"She left me just a day ago,
but it seems like it's been so long."

He looked at me through the hazy air,
and just smiled and looked so wise.
"Your little friend is over there
beneath the bright blue skies."

I turned to look where he told me to,
my heart was beating so fast.
There were all kinds of animals and people too,
I knew I'd find her at last.

"She's there with the others who know what it means
to be free from all aches and pains.
For time here will never bring on old age,
they've all become young again."

"See how she runs, so free from all care,
she knows that she'll see you soon.
For her days are just a moment in air,
she'll have fun while she waits for you."

"Now you must go, there are others down there,
but carry this peace in your heart.
Know that one day you will see her again,
and never again be apart".

And just as a tear rolled down my face,
I opened my eyes to see.
I had just wakened up from a beautiful dream,
and I knew how it was to be.

Now the thought of my little friend free from all pain
brings a smile of relief to my face.
And it brings peace to know I'll be with her again
when I go to that beautiful place.

by Debbie Perry

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