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Rainbow Orphans

At Rainbow Bridge it has been said departed pets, who have been dearly loved by owners in life, play and wait in meadows. When they hear their loved ones call, they rush to meet them and they cross Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.

What has not been told is the fate of the orphans, the strays, the unloved, abused or neglected fur babies who also play in the meadows and wait for someone to call their name and cross over the bridge with them.

In life, these fur babies had no special person to love and care for them. And even though they may have been beaten, kicked, starved or otherwise abused or neglected, their hearts are only full of love and forgiveness!

Every time one of these special ones sees a human soul, they too, become excited, hoping maybe this will be the person who will love them and take them across the bridge. Sometimes, their wait seems long, but suddenly one hears his name being called. Startled, heart beating wildly, he looks in the direction of the voice. All fear and sadness depart and he runs eagerly to meet his new loved one. Tears and licks, hugs and nudges abound.

The person who has called his name also was unloved, abused or neglected in life. Now they both have found purity of unconditional love that was missing in life and together they cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Author Unknown

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