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"ABLEDOGS (formerly ABLEDOX) is an E-Mail group for people who are owned by disabled animals. It was started specifically for Dachshund people who have or are experiencing intervertebral disc disease or other paralysis in their dogs. In the time since its "whelping" our list has grown and now provides support for anyone who loves and is loved by an animal with "special needs" of any kind.

We share stories of life with our little ones... We laugh together, cry together, and trade tips on dealing with and caring for disabled animals."


"To facilitate finding, transporting, fostering and rehousing in loving homes rescue dogs in Florida."


"BreedRescue is a list for discussion of issues related to rescue and placement of (primarily) purebred dogs. It is open to anyone interested in rescue, whether directly involved or not. Please note: It is NOT for posting of dogs in need, transport requests, etc. Appropriate topics include organization of rescue groups; recruitment, training, and support of volunteers; fundraising; promotion of positive interaction between rescuers/rescue groups and breed clubs, kennel clubs, and other dog clubs; ethical issues relating to handling of rescued dogs and relations with people and groups; education aimed at the general public as well as adopters, rescuers, breeders, and kids -- the dog people of the future."


"Collie-Rescuers-L is for discussion of rescue issues only. Want to learn about and help others learn about Collie rescue? Do you need somewhere to talk freely about rescue issues? Wonder how others handle various situations? If you are active in rescuing Collies from shelters and other bad situations, fostering, and/or re-homing or if you think you might be interested in this challenging but rewarding work, please join Collie-Rescuers-L. This is a moderated list. No rude answers, no question too basic, from 'is this a Collie?' to evaluating a potential adoptive home."

Catahoula Rescue Network

"This list is dedicated to catahoula and other cur breed rescue. The Catahoula Rescue Network is a network of individuals who have in some way shown interest in, and/or effort, in rescue on behalf of individual dogs of this interesting breed who have become homeless.We're attempting to connect up individual rescuers, and concerned individuals, so that in sharing information and ideas, homeless dogs will benefit."


"Petdogs-L - A great list to refer your pet owners and adopters who need advice without attitude! If you own or are thinking about getting a puppy or dog, or if you're an experienced owner or doggy professional who wants to help others, please join Petdogs-L. This is a moderated list. No rude answers, no question too basic, from housebreaking to care of senior dogs. We don't allow advertising or forwarded messages of any type from other lists. And please, no crusaders--this is a general dog information list."


"Dedicated to raising funds to " buy the freedom " of dogs imprisoned in wire cages in puppymills. To find good homes for them, and help with their veterinary care..."

Toydog Rescue

In the message section type:
SUBSCRIBE TOYDOG [yourfirstname yourlastname]


"Toys-R-Fun is a list for toy dog breed enthusiasts to talk about their pets and share their stories,and questions in a friendly venue. We welcome photos, jokes, poems, and problems. There is a web page for daily photos, member information page, Treasure Page, Dog Trivia and a Pet Photo Contest. For more info on poms, paps, and other toy breeds and our list check our website: http://www.caninewebdesign.com/trf/

ALL TOY DOGS are welcome Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, English Toy Spaniel, Italian Greyhound, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Toy Manchester Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Papillon, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, and Yokshire Terrier.


Equine Rescue Mailing List

"Are you interested in rescuing or adopting a retired racehorse or perhaps another breed? Or just in what you can do personally to help equines in need? If so, you may want to sign up for the Equine Rescue Mailing List..."


Cat Rescue

Send an email to majordomo@wild.net
In the message section type:
subscribe cat-rescue [your email address]


Animal Advocacy

"Pre-written letters and e-mail memos to download and mail or send electronically to key decision makers on urgent issues of animal rights and welfare."

Charity Channel

"Join more than 20,000 of your colleagues on any of our popular free nonprofit-sector discussion lists.."

Hamster Mailing List

"Helping to further the proper care of hamsters through education and friendship. With help from Experts across the globe. *Please join us*!"


"Of A FEATHER is a grassroots companion bird club based in Maryland and Delaware with members all over the world. We participate in parrot and other pet bird rescues whenever needed and help the birds find safe, appropriate homes. We also do education, outreach, and help people and birds in non-rescue situations find each other."

Jane Kerns, founder
Easton, Maryland 21601


"I am starting this list nearly two and a half years after my Dalmatian, Dulcie, was stolen. I have found that there are many many sites on the web for those who grieve for pets lost through death, and there is no form of support for those of us who are left worrying and wondering if our beloved pets are safe. I hope this list will grow, and that we can offer a shoulder to cry on, a place to vent..."


"This list is for all those people who have lost favourite pets - a place to share memories, photos and poems."


California Rescue & Pet Events mailing list

"GET THE SCOOP - California Rescue & Pet Events mailing list is sponsored by Rescuers.com. The purpose of this distribution list is to announce pet events, rescue activities, or other pertinent information that would promote the adoption of animals in California. Additional posts include topics regarding new pet-related services, activities, pet-friendly businesses - anything new and fun that would be enjoyable for pets and their humans alike. Please feel free to join us and share your pet-related events and activities with us!..."

Florida Toy Breed Rescue

"Florida toy breed rescue is a rescue group for people in Florida who want to help rescue Chihuahuas and all toy breeds."

Louisiana Dog and Cat Rescue

"Louisiana needs so many positive actions to be taken as far as Animal Rescue and Adoption, Animal Care and Owner Responsibility. There are only Kill-Shelters in this State. We need to have many people who truly care to join this list and help to make these changes. There are animals that are just dumped and people who just let their pets run loose. So many are unneutered, unspayed, no Rabies vaccination, etc. Everyone's help is just as important as the next..."

The Maryland Alliance of Canine Rescues

"The Maryland Alliance of Canine Rescues is a group of purebreed and mixed breed canine rescue groups operating in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. The purpose of this community is to share information between these canine rescue organizations."

Mississippi Dog Rescue

"MSDogRescue is an e-mail list for rescuers, shelters, and other volunteers who wish to pool their resources to find homes for needy dogs, educate the public, etc."


"We help get unwanted dogs of all breeds to safe homes. This list is for rescue people in Ohio and bordering states. We also discuse problems, abuse, and different opinions relating to rescue and unwanted dogs...."

Valley Dog Rescue

"VDR covers the US Northeast from Maine to the VA/NC border. It has about 300 members and a good mix of rescuers, shelter volunteers & transporters and gets a lot done in the area."

Send your questions to Pam Bishop, Pauline Gabriel and Bonnie Anthony, listowners at

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