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American Veterinary Medical Association

Animal Hospitals

Find holistic veterinarians, a cat or dog vet or animal hospitals near you
Antifreeze and Animals
"Most automotive antifreeze (usually colored green with a sweetish taste) is a chemical called ethyleneglycol or more properly 1,2,ethanediol. This is a ethane (part of natural gas) reacted to form a double alcohol. Bottom line is that it is sweet, toxic, chemically fairly stable and mildly flammable. There is nothing you can treat it with at home that is not as toxic as the antifreeze itself.

Antifreeze is not as volatile as gasoline or regular alcohol which means it won't blow up when ignited but it will burn. If you have a small spill, soaking it up with clay cat litter and landfilling the contaminated cat litter is probably the best bet. A larger spill should be handled by a professional.

If it has soaked into the garage floor or driveway, the impacted area can be cleaned by adding something really unpleasant tasting such as lysol or other strong scented or bad flavored solution. Ethylene glycol will mix with water. If the concrete is already stained with oils, then gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc.can be CAREFULLY AND SPARINGLY used to "float" it out of the concrete so you can soak more of it up with the cat litter. Once the spot is as clean as you can get it, a solution of laundry detergent and water will work to finish the clean up.

By the way, do not dispose of antifreeze by dumping it down the drain. It kills the critters at the sewage treatment plant as well as it does dogs and cats. Flushing it into a septic system will kill the septic system dead-most in a big hurry. Besides which, it then moves on to pollute the groundwater.

If the antifreeze has soaked into the soil, I would recommend digging it up, bagging it and landfilling it. Don't try to burn off the antifreeze contaminated soil. There is too much water and other junk in it and it will stink up the entire neighborhood - if you can get it to light at all."

by: Richard Spencer-Mills

Bloat First Aid

"The procedures in this document should be used to provide first aid only to dogs in a bloat condition. They are not intended to replace prompt, professional treatment by a qualified veterinarian. Please read and understand these instructions completely before attempting the first aid procedures described herein."

Bloat Research Program

"The study is intended to evaluate (a) the incidence of bloat in each participating breed; (b) the relationship between body conformation and bloat risk in individual dogs within a breed; (c) the influence of family history of bloat on bloat risk; and (d) whether diet and personality characteristics are predisposing factors for bloat. Dogs are measured and enrolled at a show. Then the owner completes a Current Status and History Questionnaire to provide baseline information about the dogís diet, temperament, etc., and the dogís health status is followed over time to see which dogs bloat and which remain bloat-free."

CPR For Dogs

This article was written by Dr. Wendy Wallace and explains how and when to do CPR on your pet. Know this before you need it!

Doggon Wheels

Wheelchairs and accessories for disabled or handicapped pets.

Francis's Canine Health Links

Information about nutrition and alternative medicine for dogs

Healthy Pet

American Animal Hospital Association

K9 Cart Company

"K9 Carts" wheelchairs for mobility-impaired pets.

National Animal Poison Control Center

If you think that your dog has been poisoned this can be a great source of help. Get your dog to a Veterinarian immediately, then go check this site. You can also call them at 800-548-2423 or 888-4ANIHELP. There is a $30. per case charge and no extra charge for follow up's. You must use Visa, Master Card, Discover or Amer. Express cards. Or you can call 900-680-0000. There will be a $20. charge for the first 5 minutes with a $2.95 charge for each additional minute. No follow up's. The charges will be billed to your phone number bill. Check out this site and keep these numbers handy.

Pets Health Plan

"Our mission is to help protect the human-to-animal bond and to encourage the wellness of our 'best friends" with affordable pet insurance solutions."

Plants That Can Harm Your Pet

Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets
Toxic Plants
Plants That Are Poisonous to Pets


Adopt Homeless Paws.org - Lost, Stolen and Found Pet Ads

Animal Communicator, Pet Psychic Hilary Renaissance finds lost pets, helps animals

Arkonline.com - Pet Theft Legislation Campaign (1997)

Authentic Military Dog Tags as Pet ID Tags


"Submit Dog! will allow you to enter the information about the dog you've lost or found. When you submit the dog information, dogfind! will search the database for matches. Whether there are matches or not, you will be allowed to submit your dog into the database..."

Flealess Market's Lost Pets International

Found-pets.org - Found Pets! Home Page

Francis's Dog House - Lost/Stolen Pet Resources

Google Directory - Recreation > Pets > Lost and Found

How To Find A Lost Cat Or Dog

Hugs for Homeless Animals

IDAusa.org - Pet Theft Campaign

K911.com - Free Dog Registry -Anywhere in North America

Last Chance for Animals - Stolen Pets

Lost or Stolen Pet Scams

Lost Paws.com - mission to centralize lost and found animals

Lost Pet Online Resources

Missing Pets.com - Your Guide to Lost and Found Dogs, Cats, and Other Pet

Missing Pet Network

Missing/Stolen Pets Info

National Dog Registry - Recovery System for all species of Animals

National Pet Recovery-Advice on finding missing pets

Petclub.org - Lost Pet Recovery System

Petfinders.com - Lost and Found Classifieds

Pets911: Local searches for your shelters, humanes and rescues

PetFBI.org - connecting Ohio shelters, humane and rescue groups

Pets.lostandfound.com - International Internet resources

Pets Missing In Action: Helping lost dogs, lost cats, & other pets find their homes

Sherlock Bones

UKpetsearch.freeuk.com - Registery of lost and found pets

Wonderpuppy.net - Pet Lost and Found Information

Workingdogs.com - How to Determine the Identity of a Found Dog


CUR (Canine Underground Railroad)

Started in 1991, CUR (Canine Underground Railroad) is one of many Internet rescue transport groups that assist in moving rescued dogs from shelters to rescue groups, from rescue groups to fosters and from fosters to their new adoptive homes. The CUR mailing list is owned by Bill Gorman and managed by Peg Banks. Membership in CUR is by referral from two current members. This is to protect the safety of dogs and people alike by keeping anonymous lurkers from reviewing details of dogs moving through their areas, or the times and places where runners may meet. However, CUR cooperates with many other groups and non-CUR individuals--in pooling resources, more dogs and adoptive families may benefit. To join, contact a CUR member you know personally and inquire about joining. To request transport assistance, contact any CUR member.

Francis's DogHouse's Rescue area

"The site is designed with you in mind, to lead you to tips and sites to help you with placement that you might never have even thought to use, especially if you are new to the Internet, and not even sure of all of the resources available. So even if you've been rescuing a long time, and think you have all of the bases covered, please check this all out."

Dog Rescue Pages

"Here you will find a massive in depth look at rescue dogs within the UK. We have a huge Directory listing all the dog homes and rescue centres in the Country as well as a message board where people can leave descriptions of dogs they are looking to re-home. We also offer a large selection of articles on dog behaviour and training to get you through the rough patches with your new companion."

Paws in Print

Photo of a Collie
"Paws in Print (Greeting Cards) was founded to help draw attention to the homeless pet problem that affects millions of animals everywhere. Each card features an actual rescued animal along with their personal success story. We hope our cards will inspire you, and those who receive them, to save a life by adopting a pet. 20% of the profits go towards the rescue of homeless pets."


Our aim is to "Buy The freedom" of the forgotten, unloved pedigree dogs and puppies trapped in our Nations PuppyMills. We raise funds with raffles, auctions and the sale of donated items to purchase dogs from Kennel disbursal sales or Kennel closeouts. At the completion of the sale the kennel submits their USDA license and are no longer in business.



A blog post with dog agility resources.


contains a huge library of free articles about an enormous variety of behavior problems that people can read for free. The articles are written by Lori Verni, a Certified Master Trainer for 10+ years, published author, and newspaper columnist.


Basic to advanced information on this sport. Tons of links to frisbee sites.

Suzi's Custom Dog Training

Private, Positive, Personalized, Professional Dog Training.


FreeStyle Sculpture

Our artwork is an excellent choice for a gift for a friend or family members, as well as for rescue groups looking for the 'just right' merchandise to be used as a fund raiser.



"Dog-Pictures.co.uk is a fun dog breed pictures and dog information resource for dog lovers and their treasured pet!"


"...the Doglogic site has been tailored toward the many unique needs of Large & Giant Breed dogs and their owners. There is a wealth of dog health, dog obedience and dog feeding information, books and supplies.Dog crates and crate training, a Marketplace of Large & Giant Breed publications. Check out the On-Line Shop, carrying Dane -Tuff stuffed toys and other tough to find items. We also have Custom Dog Coats available by special order."

Tags of Luck Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags from Never Lost Pet

Pet Friendly Hotels - Hotels that allow pets!

"Doginmysuitcase.com specialize in hotels that allow pets to stay. We are the one-stop-shop for all your pet travel needs, from a one night stay to a complete vacation package including car, airfare and hotel. All 100% pet friendly!"

SNIPS (The Spay/Neuter Incentive Project and Sanctuary, Inc.)

"snips is short for The Spay/Neuter Incentive Project and Sanctuary, Inc., a non-profit corporation (501 (c)(3) status pending) serving Greene County (Virginia) and dedicated to improving the quality of human/companion animal relationships by promoting a holistic approach to animal care.

Targeting pet overpopulation, snips works toward reducing the number of companion animals abused, abandoned and neglected in Greene by offering special services designed to increase the number of companion animals spayed/neutered.

snips also helps to educate pet owners about some of the common issues they may face with their animal companions, everything from safety to nutrition to training.

Finally, snips operates a small animal sanctuary, working through the Greene County Animal Shelter, and a greyhound placement service. snips animals are spayed or neutered and have all their vaccinations before being offered for adoption. Dogs have basic obedience training.

snips's goal is for every dog or cat to enjoy a long, happy, healthy life by his human companion's side, and for every human companion to know that special loving bond a cat or dog can bring to her life."


Feral Cat Coalition

Raising Orphan Kittens

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