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DOG-RESCUE is an Email List devoted to the topic of Rescue. Rescue is defined, for the purposes of this list, as any activity involved in placing "unwanted" dogs into permanent homes by a third party, not the dog's owner, or breeder. This includes the mechanics of picking up the dog out of its current situation, providing foster care, getting appropriate medical care for it, and arranging transportation.

In addition, this list is intended to be a resource for working dog rescue workers, whether it's learning about how to start up a rescue organization, what the common pitfalls are in contracts/screening people/soliciting donations/etc, or how to deal with the stress and burnout involved in this activity. It is not for individuals looking to adopt a pet. Please use the website listings for that information.

Therefore, appropriate topics for this List include, but are not limited to: postings for dogs in need of homes, networking, location of rescue groups in different areas, postings of homes looking for dogs, managerial aspects of rescue work, adoption contracts, starting up rescue groups, liability issues and so on.

However, activism and advocacy, while peripherally related to rescue, are NOT the focus of this list and are discouraged. This includes:

  • political work to shut down puppy mills
  • petitions against specific shelters
  • legislative action
  • prosecuting individuals or organizations for animal cruelty, etc.
Another mailing list with this focus may be a very appropriate one to start up but does not yet exist so far as the List Owners are aware.

New subscribers are strongly encouraged to send an introduction of themselves to the List upon joining.

If you have specific questions, please contact the listowners at: dog-rescue-request@apple.ease.lsoft.com

Send your questions to Pam Bishop, Pauline Gabriel and Bonnie Anthony, listowners at

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