Application To Foster (Temporary Housing)



Street Address:


State: † † Zip Code:


Home Phone Number with Area Code:

Work Phone Number with Area Code:

Driverís License#:

Date of Birth:†

Social Security# †

Do you presently own any pets?†† YES †† NO

If yes what kind:

If you own dog(s) are they spayed/neutered? †† YES †† NO

If not altered, why not:

Do you own your home: †† YES †† NO

If Yes,

  • What type fence: †† Chain Link †† Wood †† Other ††

  • How high is the fence? ††

Where will you keep the dog while you are not home?

Do you have a crate to keep the dog in? †† YES †† NO

Why do you want to foster a dog?

Are there children presently living in the house? †† YES †† NO

If Yes,

  • What are there ages? ††

Have you ever fostered a dog before? †† YES †† NO

Is there a limit to the length of time you can keep the dog until it gets adopted? †† YES †† NO

If so,

  • How long can you keep the dog? ††
  • Why is there a limit?

How many hours will the dog be alone during the day? ††

Do you understand that if you foster, you cannot permanently adopt this dog? †† YES †† NO

Do you mind if an interested person comes to your home to look at the dog? †† YES †† NO

Are you willing to bring the dog to the adoption days at pet stores? †† YES †† NO

Please return this application to:

Rescue Agency:

Street Address:


State: † † † Zip Code: