Dog Rescue Forms

Here are some sample forms that are available for rescue. The basic content of these forms have been in use for many existing rescue leagues. The information in them is not copyright protected. Please be certain, however, to have a lawyer review any forms that you actually use in rescue. These are meant to be guidelines only and may not be correct for your usage or locality. Dog-Rescue-L is not responsible for these forms.

These forms are available in four formats:

  • HTML, for use on a web page. These may be associated with programs for online applications, although we cannot provide these programs.
  • PDF, for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free reader than can be downloaded as a plug in for your browser and/or as a free-standing program for your computer. See this site for information on how to download Adobe Acrobat.
  • ASCII text, plain text, which you can reformat as you need for your organization, or modify to be a form for email.
  • Microsoft Word '97(TM), a common document format.

Each of the forms has an associated zip file; this file contains all of these formats.

Forms are listed by sets. Each set contains forms in use together by a rescue agency.

Set One: Forms used by a large dog rescue agency
Set Two: Pam Bishop's forms