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Week One
August 31, 1998 - September 4, 1998

Introduction to Rescue

Day Five

Subject: Re: CLASS: developing breed & behavior expertise
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 05:54:24 -0400
From: Vicki DeGruy - 72074.676@COMPUSERVE.COM

Hi Rebecca!

Most of your questions will be addressed in upcoming CLASS topics so I'll leave them alone for now. This one....

What are the best ways to develop expertise in all aspects of one breed's behavior, so that you can do an adequate evaluation of the dog?

..will probably be covered in more detail later on, too. Here's a few tips to get you started, though:

  • Spend as much time with members of your breed as you can; go to dog shows and performance events, visit breeders & owners. With a less common breed like Kuvasz, the internet is going to be a most valuable resource by letting you pick of the brains of breeders and owners all over the world.

  • Read, read, read! On your breed and on dogs in general - behavior books, training books, anything you can get your hands on. Study the history of your breed in its own native country, what it was used for, what it's still used for, in order to understand its deep rooted natural instincts. Read about other breeds, those similar to yours and those that are very different. I've found that studying other breeds has helped me to understand why and where my breed is different and how those differencies affect it.

  • *Observe* your dogs, other Kuvasz, every dog you come across whether purebred or mixed. So much about dog behavior can be learned just by closely watching them and their interactions. Although each breed is different, a lot about canine behavior is simply "dog" - things that all dogs do to a degree. Make every encounter with a dog a learning experience by watching and figuring out what motivates it, why it behaves like it does. In other words, learn to think like a dog!
Take care,

Vicki DeGruy, Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue

Subject: CLASS: questions for potential vets
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 19:03:28 -0400
From: Dennis Gulau - Gulau@TM.NET

Our rescue group has had success with each of us using different vets for the rescues. In our area there are a large number of vets in relation to the population. Most of us went to a different vet. Most of us had a "large" number of dogs which were our own. By going to our own vets, we spread the "donations" amongst a larger group so no one vet was always giving up "at-cost" spay/neuters or shots, and each person was getting the discount from the vet they probably already spent a lot of money at each year getting their own dogs treated at regular rates. This practice has been very succesful for most of us. My own vet gives me 50-75% off shots and heartworm, and about 30% off neuters. And free advice all the time (even for my own dogs). I don't think he would do that if all 12 of us brought all our rescues to him.

Ann Gulau
German Shorthaired Rescue
SOS Animal Rescue

Subject: CLASS: end of Intro
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 21:57:42 +0000
From: Pam Bishop - dobra@pe.net


We are bringing to an end the first week of Dog Rescue class. We've touched on several subjects and I hope have given you an outline on getting started.

I have an article on line that some may wish to read. I wrote it several years ago when starting up a national rescue program for my breed. It's at:


Next week we will start on "Forms and Paperwork". This is such an important subject. You must use good legal forms or you can get yourself in serious trouble.

Judy Marion, Rottie Rescue will be the facilitator. Copies of many of Judy's forms and mine are on the Dog Rescue website at:


Judy will be talking about legal forms such as the release form an owner must sign to release ownership of a dog to a rescue group. The adoption agreement when the dog is placed. She will also talk about informal forms that you can use at home to help you keep track of dogs and expenses.

This should be a most informative week. It will be followed by the subject "Legal", where we will get into some of the legal problems that can befall a rescue group. Understand that there will be no legal advise, but we can discuss the legal ramifications involved in rescue.

These two subjects may run together abit. We'll see how it goes. Hope you enjoy it. Think about the questions you have and be ready for class on Monday!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

Pam Bishop
dog rescue admin

End of Week One

Week Two

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