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Week One
August 31, 1998 - September 4, 1998

Introduction to Rescue

Day Three

Subject: CLASS: questions for potential vets
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 15:21:54 -0500
From: Cynthia Golos - cmg29@CORNELL.EDU

Hi classmates,

I've read many posts praising or complaining about the situation with their local vets. What I am wondering is, when seeking a vet to participate as the main or only vet used by a rescue corp., what are some good questions to ask or methods to use to really find out if they are the right one. I would like a vet that is not stuck in the "3 options approach" - antibiotics, antihistamines or steroids...and one that is truly compassionate. I also wish to locate practicioners that are willing to house rescues when possible and discount fees. I intend to let all potential persons know that whomever I use (for anything, not just vet care) will get recognition in our literature, press releases and public events. I am open to hearing any other suggestions on how to go about this.


Cindy Golos

End of Day Three

Day Four

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